Sunday Worship: 11:30am

Walk of Faith has several ministries designed to encourage and equip every member of your family. Whether you are married or single, a man or woman of any age, student or a child, we have a ministry designed just for you.


Promotes fun while building character and teaching children 14 years old and younger the fundamental principles of Christianity.

Women of Faith

As sisters in one Body, our mission is to see every woman develop into the fullness of the virtuous woman God intended for her to be. Our goals are to manifest the standards of Christ in every way; to develop in the Love of God; to promote oneness and unity with a sense of family and sisterhood; and to represent the image and display the character of Jesus Christ. The ministry also seeks to not only meet every woman at the point of her need, but to strength her so that she may reach the point of her abundance. It is strategically designed to touch, empower, include, and encircle every woman of the Walk of Faith Tabernacle of Worship Ministry. Women of Faith offers quarterly outings and prayer gatherings/workshops/seminars and life coach sessions.

Men's Ministry

The primary goal of Men's Ministry is to make men into disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Accountability, bible study, fellowship, and prayer all contribute to the goal of this ministry. The ministry encourages and challenges the men to live a life passionate for Christ. In addition, the ministry is dedicated to equipping men to fulfill their roles as watchmen over their homes, their church, their communities and their nations. The ministry provides meetings, social events, quarterly workshops and seminars.

Healthcare Ministry

We strive to comfort and encourage those who are confined to their homes, hospitals and other health-care facilities due to illness or other medical conditions.


The loss of a loved one can hurt deeply. The mission of the Bereavement Ministry is to provide spiritual support and comfort to individuals and their relatives who experience the death of a loved one.


To be the caring and compassionate arm of the Walk of Faith Ministry. We are in place to serve our congregation and their relatives during times of illness, hospitalization and confinement to home. We strive to demonstrate a holistic approach in everything we do as it relates to the physical body, emotional soul and eternal spirit. We model our ministry after the life of Jesus Christ our Savior, who possessed hands that healed, words that comforted, peace that transcended every difficult situation and hope that encouraged even the most troubled person.


The purpose of the"Outside The Walls" Prison Ministry is to visit and to minister the word of God to those confined in prisons. To empower them with confidences that there is eternal life in the word of God and to show His constant compassion, care and his consuming love.

Joy Ministry

Our mission is to provide to letter writing, Christian-based literature, DVDs, and CDs for those incarcerated in penal institutions and prisons.

Marriage Ministry

The mission of Marriage Ministry is to ensure that "No Marriage is Left Behind." We work towards this assignment by seeking God's plan for covenant marriage, equipping couples to apply Biblical knowledge to their marriage relationships. The belief that marriage is a lifelong journey intended to make couples holy and mature is a foundational principle of the ministry. The ministry will develop accountability partnership that will encourage participation and foster relationships with other married couples. In addition, the ministry provides meetings, social events, quarterly workshops, seminars and annual honeymoon retreat.


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